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22 Aug How much does bouncy castle insurance cost?
eastinflatables 0 6074
A resilient castle is very interesting for both children and adults. If a person can provide a castle of various sizes and colors, it can be very profitable to hire them out. While providing a "bouncing Castle" for a party or other event can raise money or provide entertainment, employees may ask to see the "bouncing Castle liability insurance" pol..
21 Aug How much to hire a bouncy castle?
eastinflatables 0 5098
Bouncy Castle 12ft £55 Full Mix & Match Obstacle Course (4 sections) £300 Stand alone Obstacle Course £150 GIANT SLIDE £150 SUMO SUITS £100 Toddler play park £200 Disco bouncy house 15ft £60 Big inflatable park £2400 Commercial bouncy castle for sale from East Inflatables, please to brower our website.Written by Candy from..
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