Bumper balls are also called bubble balls, inflatable balls, etc. People can put their upper body into this buffer ball just like wearing a bubble suit, and then safely bump, fall and roll for protection. They are very fun, exciting and hilarious.

1. Bubble Football In this game different teams should wear different colored bubble balls, we can play the ball like a normal football game. In this game, you will be bumped a lot, so please follow the safety rules of Bubble Soccer to protect yourself.

2. Bubble Bowling You will need an inflatable lane and six inflatable bowling pins about six feet tall. Put on the Bubble Ball suit and run to the six bowling pins, throwing yourself into the triangle of the pins and knocking down as many as you can. It will be very interesting.

3. Bubble ball somersault game You've been known to do somersaults with a giant bouncing ball over your head with ease. So it's fun to play somersaults with inflatable bumper balls. All runners line up on the starting line, flip the bubble ball over their heads to the finish line, and then flip back to the finish line. The first person to try and finish wins.