Autumn has arrived in China, the weather is slowly turning cooler, and inflatable water parks will be closed in the near future, in order to make your water park last longer and avoid unnecessary maintenance, we have collected some practical and easy-to-operate tricks keep your water park through the winter.

1.Cleaning your inflatable water park

Remove them one by one from the water and place them on a clean surface with a tarp or plastic sheet, inspecting for sharp objects and then cleaning the inflatable structure with soapy water, a soft brush or cloth, and using a commercial stain remover to remove stubborn stains. Never use high pressure cleaning equipment, such as a pressure washer, on inflatable equipment, it will damage vinyl and pvc.

2.Repair your inflatable water park

You may find some small leaks or perforations in your inflatables, then you need to patch them right away. Then you need to inspect all surfaces, fasteners, valves and other parts for damage or normal wear. If they are damaged, you will need to purchase spare parts to replace them before storing to ensure availability for the next season.

3.Store properly

After cleaning and drying, you can apply some protectant to the surface of your inflatable device to give your inflatable toy a new look. Then fold your inflatable structure to the desired storage width and roll it up. Put it in a special storage bag and fasten it tightly with a rope or strap. Choose a clean and safe place for your inflatable warehouse. This place must be clean, dry and out of direct sunlight.

Winter is without a doubt the best season to maintain your inflatable water park, so let's do a little bit of preparation before actually starting your business next summer.