When using a bouncy castle, ensuring the safety of participants is of utmost importance. The staff required to operate and supervise a bouncy castle event may vary depending on the size of the inflatable, the age of the participants, and local regulations. However, here are some key staff roles typically involved in bouncy castle operations:

1 Operator or Attendant: The operator is responsible for setting up the bouncy castle, inflating it, and ensuring that it is properly anchored and secured to the ground. They should have a thorough understanding of the equipment, including how to operate the blower and any safety mechanisms. During the event, the operator supervises the participants, enforces safety rules, and may control access to the inflatable.

2 Safety Marshall or Supervisor: For larger events or when many children are using the bouncy castle simultaneously, a safety marshal or supervisor may be necessary. Their role is to oversee the safe use of the inflatable, manage the flow of participants, and enforce safety rules, such as the maximum number of users and age restrictions.